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Water leak in window allowed moisture into the wall
This overheated connection measured in excess of 200 degrees!
Under floor radiant heating colis
Blower door test reveals poor air sealing around the through wall trim place of a pellet stove chimney.
Infrared wall grout inspection
Infrared Image Breaker showing signs of overheating
Buss bars behind the breakers are overheating
Loose connections cause overheated wires conections and buss bar
Condensate drain on air conditioner evaporator coil shows correct flow, no sign of blockage, not cause of leak.
Air infiltration - Worn weather stripping
Infrared image of  a Disconnect Switch with resistive contacts heating up
Infrared Image of water leak in ceiling from Air conditioner
This overheating electrical connection was caused by a loose screw
Infrared  image of a 1/8 hp pump motor
Unsealed/un-insinuated recessed lights show attic heat. In winter these lights allow heat to escape into the attic.
Infrared image of steam release on condensate line
Heat loss from internal framing attachment points
Hot jumper wire on timer
Infrared image shows a hot connection on a breaker caused by a loose screw
Missing insulation in walls
Fuse clip problem
Left Tire. Uneven temperature profile shows tire alignment issues.
Air conditioner blower leaks air from unsealed plenum ductwork. Cold air is blowing air stream on horizontal rafter above unit
Corroded fuse clip temination overheats the fuse
Image of an Infrared electrical survey, phase A
SUV tire close up. Delta T for this image was less than than 3 degrees F across the tire surface
Cold air infiltration into wall cavity and ceiling, now we know why the bedroom floor above was so cold.
Portable air conditioner exhaust duct not sealed properly and is blowing hot exhaust air (126F) back into the conditioned space!
Infrared electrical inspection finds overheating connector
Infrared image or missing CMU grout
Loose connection on "A" phase
Blocked drains allow water build up behind brick wall
One panel,multiple exceptions
All phases on this breaker are overloaded
Histogram of thermal profile
Infrared image of a bubble in the side wall of a car tire. The bubble is the dark oval shape after the letter "T"
Air infiltration - Missing door sweep. Cold air from adjacent unheated room coming in by baseboard heater.
This switch has an internal connection problem
Blower door shows how unsealed recessed lights leak air
Air infiltration between window and window frame
Misplaced insulation near top of cathedral ceiling shows attic heat in summer.
Infrared roof inspection of EPDM parapet wall - Infrared Imaging Services LLC
Infrared finds roof moisture
Infrared CMU inspection - Infraed Imaging Services LLC
First place image IR/Info 2010! Image of CMU wall, missing grout shows as darkened areas
Infrared image of grout in CMU wall
Infrared scan of cement block wall shows grout placement and omissions
First place image IR/Info 2010! Image of low slope roof , trapped moisture under membrain
Infrared image of wet roof insulation -  Infrared Imaging Services LLC
Image shows wet bat insulation on underside (interior)of flat leaky metal warehouse roof
Infrared roof inspection - Infraed imaging Services LLC
Hot AC server plug
Grout missing from this section of Blockall
Infrared survey of cement block wall shows Grout placement
Infrared datacenter server racks
Infrared image showing temperature profile across server rack
Infrared image shows grout in CMU wall,
Localized hot spot due to blocked air flow in Datacenter equipment rack
Infrared image of temperature profile down server row
Moisture trapped under 2 layers of Asphalt roof. Roof is bubbled and has Alligator pattern
Hot power supply in computer server rack
Roof moisture survey
400 A breaker powering server racks with a bad termination is getting warm
Localized heating on AC plug in Data center equipment rack
Infrared image of faulty motor in  server rack cooling fan
Infrared roof moisture survey
Infrared roof inspection
Infrared image shows grout in CMU wall
Infrared scan of this Blockwall shows the grout missing from the third column behind the scaffold


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